Equipment and Therapies

Access essential medical equipment, modified sports equipment, assistive technology and mobility aids

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Holiday Units

Wheeling & Able have recently sold both of our holiday units, in Forster and Corlette.

This will allow us to purchase another holiday unit, designed specifically for clients living with a disability and their families, who would like access to community events, local beaches, cafes and restaurants in a new and exciting city precinct.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified when our new holiday unit becomes available.

About Us

Over the past almost 90 years Wheeling & Able has assisted more than 16,000 families in the Hunter region to obtain mobility aids and equipment for children with physical disabilities.

Wheeling & Able is a self-funded charity and does not receive any government funding, so this amazing achievement has been reached through the generosity of individuals, business and community organisations.

Wheeling & Able (formerly Newcastle & District Crippled Children's Association) commenced in 1932 when the Newcastle Rotary Club conducted a survey to ascertain the number of physically handicapped children residing in the district.  Ninety-five children were identified and were examined by a Medical Board. Those requiring treatment were admitted to hospital and fitted with surgical applicances and aids.

In 1934 the association was registered as a not-for-profit organisation. The purpose of the organisation was to assist with the provision of equipment and medical assessment to children under the age of 21 with physical disabilities in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast regions.

1994 brought a change of name to the Weeroona Association.  "Weeroona" was the name of our holiday home on the shores of Belmont Bay and means "place of rest". The home was sold in 1999 and we bought the first of two accessible holiday units, one at Salamander Bay and the second at Forster.  Both of those units have been sold since and we are presently on the lookout for a replacement.

In 2012 the Board decided that the name Weeroona no longer fitted the members' needs and so we became Wheeling & Able.

The introduction of the NDIS in 2013 meant that much of the equipment that we previously funded was now covered by the National Disability Insurance Agency. Wheeling & Able can assist you to obtain aids and equipment not funded by the NDIS.           

​Wheeling & Able continues to provide assistance wherever possible, to help children and young people with physical disabilities live independently as possible.

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