Equipment and Therapies

Access essential medical equipment, modified sports equipment, assistive technology and mobility aids

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Holiday Units

Wheeling & Able have recently sold both of our holiday units, in Forster and Corlette.

This will allow us to purchase another holiday unit, designed specifically for clients living with a disability and their families, who would like access to community events, local beaches, cafes and restaurants in a new and exciting city precinct.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified when our new holiday unit becomes available.

Wheeling & Able is a non-profit organisation providing disability support for children (up to 21 years) with physical disability living in the Hunter.

Wheeling & Able relies on generous donations and support from business and the community.

Wheeling & Able has branches in Newcastle, Cessnock and Singleton.

Wheeling & Able is committed to continuing providing specialist equipment to help kids and young adults with disabilities live as independent as possible.

In 1930 the Newcastle Rotary Club, identified ninety-five children in the Hunter with a disability and in need of help. The children and their families were provided with the support and necessary medical equipment.

In 1932, the Newcastle and District Association for Crippled Children now known as Wheeling and Able was registered as a non-profit organization.

Wheeling and Able continues to be to provide assistance wherever possible, to help children and young adults with physical disabilities access equipment, services and resources.

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